• Preparation of as-built documentation of projects pursuant to Article 52 (4) and (5) and 4 (1)(4) of the Transitional and Final Provisions of the Cadastre and Property Register Act and Article 175 (5) of the Spatial Planning Act.
  • Partition of land plots
  • Defining boundary lines of land plots, laying out of linear and non-linear structures, plant and buildings
  • Geodetic survey providing a geodetic base for the design
  • Preparation of levelling designs
  • Preparation of routing/layout plans.
  • Routing of construction center lines, providing of building lines,
    levels, etc.
  • Compilation of cadastral maps.
  • Compilation of special maps for spatial planning purposes.
  • Correction of deficiencies and errors in cadastral map and registers.
  • Partition and consolidation of land plots, buildings and independents structures within them.
  • Change of land plot boundaries and building outlines, and updating of the cadastral map by recording of new entities.
  • Defining boundary lines of land plots according to a cadastral map.
  • Compilation of zoning plans
  • Preparation of detailed site development plans designs of zoning variance.
  • Partial changes in detailed site development plans.

Geodetic activities involving maintenance and update of maps of restituted property on the territory of the municipalities of Stara Zagora, Opan, Radnevo, Galabovo, Topolovgrad, Chirpan and Bratya Daskalovi.

  • Compilation of plot plats.
  • Compilation of combined schemes, copies of maps or part of map on paper, tracing paper, on solid base, etc.
  • Preparation of file records of property.
  • Compilation of plot plats for partition or consolidation of property.
  • Recording of changes in the register of property owners and property register.
  • Defining boundary lines and surveying of property.
  • Geodetic networks for cadastral needs.
  • Measurements with GPS receivers and processing of results.
  • Construction of geodetic networks for study of deformations in engineering structures.
  • Precise geometric levelling.


  • Preparation of ortophoto plans.
  • Compilation of a digital model of the terrain.
  • Compilation of plans and maps at various scales.
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