Founded in 1999 in Stara Zagora
by M.Eng. Rumen Georgiev

The company works in the area of geodesy and cadastre - making cadastre maps and registers, taking geodesic measurements, implementing geodetic and cartographic activities with photogrammetric methods, activities in the development of detailed development plans, design part "Geodesy", creation and maintenance of digital models and databases of populated places and outer territories, photogrammetric activities and others.

The company has a central office in Stara Zagora and a branch office in Sofia.


GLOBAL GEO has a team of highly-qualified engineer-surveyors with plenty of experience and every needed license for executing geodesic activities, the specialized technology includes a full GPS-sistem TOPCON for real-time measurements and post-processing with receivers, total stations, personal GPS-receivers and others.

The company is certified by the ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality control. That certificate guaranties the quality of work and the unification of services with citizens. The certificate covers the general work processes connected with geodesy, cadastre, photogrammetry, vertical planning, investment design.