Activities and services

  • Elaboration of executive documentation for objects on grounds from line 52, paragraphs 4 and 5 and §4, point 4, from TFP of the Law for cadastre and property register, in connection to article 175, paragraph 5 of the Law for territory structure.
  • Divisions of landed properties
  • Tracing properties, areal and linear objects, buildings and arrangements
  • Making of cadastral maps
  • Making specialised maps for structural planning.
  • Creating projects for alternating a cadastral map and the cadastral registers, connected with division or merging grounded properties, buildings or singular objects in them, as well as changing property boundaries and building outlines and creating new objects on the cadastral map.
  • Certificate of acceptance of an amendment project to the KKKR of the CGKK.
  • Issuing a sketch of grounded property in an urbanised territory.
  • Issuing a sketch of grounded property in a non-urbanised territory.
  • Issuing a sketch of a building.
  • Issuing a scheme of a singular object.
  • Tracing and marking proper boundaries on a cadastral map.
  • The company is OZPL by article 56 from ZKIR and helps the geodesy services, cartography and cadastre with administrative service of the users of the cadastre information for territories with approved cadastre maps and cadastre registers, by supplying the written documents ass seen in article 55, paragraph 2 from ZKIR - sketches, schemes, sketch-projects and others received by distant access to the data system of the cadastre.

  • Making a detailed plan - Plan for regulation/PUP-PR/
  • Projects for amendment of PUP-PR
  • Making a detailed plan-Plan for construction/PUP-PZ/
  • Making a detailed plan-Plan for construction and regulation/PUP-PRZ/
  • Projects for amendment of PUP-PRZ
  • Making a detailed plan-Parcel plan/PUP-PP/
  • Geodesical surveying - creating a basis for design
  • Making projects for vertical planing
  • Making tracing plans
  • Tracing building axes, giving a building line and level
  • Tracing linear facilities
  • Examination of deformations
  • Geodetic networks for the needs of the cadastre.
  • Measurements with GPS receivers and processing the results.
  • Creating geodesical networks for examining a deformation of engineering facilities.
  • Precise geometric levelling.
  • Making of orthophoto plans.
  • Creating a digital model of the terrain.
  • Making plans and maps in different scales.
  • • Photogrammetric capturing and creating a georeferenced spatial model, including planning, capturing of a certified operator, editing through certified software and using a non-piloted flying device-drone of the latest generation. As a result of capturing a 3D model, a cloud of points, orthophoto and unedited photos are produced.